Outer Limits

Space may be the final frontier. But you have yet to find a hair salon that truly explores new worlds.

With a dream team of stylists on board, mother ship hair salon Mizu opens inside the Mandarin Oriental today.

Reaching the outer limits of design, the cool white-on-white space is notably clutter free.

After filling out a questionnaire, you’ll be sent onto the marble floor with a product basket and, upon request, a pair of Myvu glasses (mini media goggles that project TV shows and movies inside the lenses), an iPod with a customized playlist, or a mag of your choice (Popular Science, anyone?).

There’s one sink to almost every chair, so cut and color jobs feel refreshingly private, and though Mizu’s windows look out to the Newbury Arcade, passers-by can see only the arches within.

So no one will know that you’ve boldly gone where they never have.

Mizu, 776 Boylston Street, in the Mandarin Oriental, Back Bay (617-585-6498 or mizuboston.com).

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776 Boylston St
Mandarin Oriental
Boston, MA 02199