Knit Picking

Whoa. Winter sure moved in quick. 

If it weren’t for Lara Kazan’s crocheted leg warmers, your formerly bare knees wouldn’t know what hit ’em. Isn’t it time your torso was graced with similar swaths of warmth and lace?

It’s a good thing Kazan launched a sweater collection this season. Ladylike and vintage styled, the pieces nod to their elaborate forebears while taking it up a notch with delicate buttons and subtle stitchery.

Cashmere and merino wool blends are rendered in colors like plum, teal, and charcoal, while styles include a faux-wrap kimono with roll-up sleeves. For those fetching Amelia Earhart moments, a ribbed-knit aviator jacket gets trimmed with leather or suede.

That oughta warm things up.

Available at Suneri, 67 Holland Street, Davis Square, Somerville (617-440-3559 or suneriboutique.com). To see styles, go to larakazan.com.

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67 Holland St
Somerville, MA 02144