Wrap It Up

Shopping for the man in your life isn’t always easy. We’ve narrowed it down to help get you started.

Entertain Him
He’s not trying to drown you out with his music, but you can still get revenge with a laugh when he throws on a pair of piggie earbuds (Motley, 623 Tremont Street, South End; 617-247-6969).

Tease Him
Bald is beautiful. Semibald is so-so. Better learn to live with it and remind him that you love him anyway with Hoopla’s miniposter.

watch this!Satisfy Him
Make him feel like he’s accomplished a lot each day with a 2009 bubble calendar. Or proffer a Nooka Zub 38 wristwatch to make clock-watching until your next date a little easier.

Arouse Him
Perk him up with a decent morning grind: Washington-roasted Resurrection blend should rev his engine. Serve in Piantagioni del Caffe’s mugs.

take things up a notch!Spoil Him
Raise a glass with Nantucket-made single-malt Notch whisky (508-325-5929). It’s a splurge at $888 so make sure he saves you a swill. Avoid diluting the precious liquid with a set of whisky stones. Made from Vermont soapstone, they work like reusable ice cubes.

Now that should put a smile on his face.

Not enough? Pamper him with ideas from our other editions.

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