Now You Sea It

You know we’re talkers. But we’re readers, too. So when we learned about upstart line Sea New York from our Miami edition, we had to find it locally. Turns out The Tannery has a few pieces (and, even better, they’re on sale).

Originally published 9/3/08.

[Interior boutique]

Abbot: Hello, I’m looking for something for my girlfriend. What do you recommend?

Saleslady: Sea New York.

Abbot: Hmm, taking her on a trip is a good idea. But I was thinking of buying her a dress — like that one. [He points to a black cap-sleeve dress with small pleats at the bottom and a giant white bow at the neckline.]

Saleslady: That’s from the young line’s demure new collection. It’s for fall.

Abbot: Well, I don’t want her to get injured. How about that? [Motions toward a tank dress with a white chiffon top and a drop-waist leather bottom.]

SL: Ah, yes, the designer playfully mixes fabrics like silk, wool, leather, and suede in muted tones. What about this dress? A button-up white shirt paired with a black high-waisted cigarette skirt.

Abbot: No, thanks. She doesn’t smoke.

Available at The Tannery, 39 Brattle Street, Harvard Square (617-491-1811).