An Ounce of Prevention

The Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails are well versed in marathon drinking. They offer these tips to ensure an elegant end to your night of excess.

- Ease into the evening with low-alcohol choices like Campari and soda or vermouth on the rocks.

- Sip like a lady — ’til the ball drops anyway. The body can metabolize one drink per hour. Let your liver catch up.

- Drink two ounces of water for every ounce of hooch. (They’ve heard this works wonders.)

- Before bed, wash down two ibuprofen and one B vitamin with twenty ounces of water. Or try Saucy Sureau’s method: Place a vodka-spiked, ice-cold Tab on your nightstand before passing out, making sure it is the only beverage within reach. Pound upon waking.

Assuming all goes well, you’ll get a happy, healthy start to 2009.

For more hangover tips, go to lupecboston.com.