Body Language

Give your body a big green hug: Reduce, reuse, and recycle last year’s resolutions.

Last year: Get in shape.
This year: Do it without leaving the house.
Method: Step into a 28-day online yoga program. You’ll get daily inspirational e-mails, two sequences for weekly at-home practice, and contact with other do-it-at-homebodies.

Last year: Do something adventurous.
This year: Do something that appears to be adventurous.
Method: Feel the burn without working up a sweat with a six-week Gyrotonic program at The Movement Center. It includes a private lesson plus two mat classes weekly.

Last year: Drink less.
This year: Drink slightly less and feel good while doing so.
Method: Dip into medicine-inspired cocktails at Aura’s Tamo Bar. The Asian Sniffle Snuffer contains ginger liqueur, vodka, soda, a splash of bitters, and fresh ginger garnish. (Yippee! No more Vicks.)

Last year: Get organized.
This year: Let someone else get you organized.
Method: BodyScapes Fitness in Brookline will set you up with one of two female-focused workout regimens (choose city girl or domestic goddess), which includes a schedule that fits your lifestyle and 24 one-hour sessions with a certified trainer.

Last year: Run away to join the circus.
This year: Stay put but get the circus treatment.
Method: Former Cirque du Soleil masseuse Keith Stiles did a six-year tour with a bunch of contortionists, so surely he can work out your kinks. DailyCandy readers get 50 percent off first-time treatments with Stiles through February 28.

There. Doesn’t that feel better?

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