Strip Ease

Mwah! Your love is like a fine wine. Misty roses all the time. (Kiss, kiss, smooch.)

So not your style.

You prefer something that says: Take me on top of this table, tiger.

Book a boudoir session with Rachel Hadiashar, the photo maven behind Merge Weddings. She’ll create a safe and comfortable environment where you can unleash your inner vixen and capture it on film.

Go all the way with a private session (up to three outfits), a minisession (one outfit), or split the cost with three or four pals for a no-holds-barred nudie fest, er, civilized shoot at her studio in Lowell (she goes to Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island, too).

She’ll post the pics online (not that way) so you can browse the gallery and pick out the best shots for a one-of-a-kind valentine.

It’ll say be mine without, you know, saying it.

To book a session, go to mergeweddings.com.