Hit Me with Your Best Shot

confettisystem pinata!

Sure, there’s therapy, meditation, herbal tea. But sometimes what you really need is to beat the shit out of something.

Go ahead and wail away at a pinata from Confettisystem.

Couture adult versions (not in a perverted way) of the party game usually reserved for kiddies, these bad boys are geometrically shaped, covered in either mylar (metallic silver, gold) or tissue paper (gray, cantaloupe), and hang from a black sash cord.

Each work of art is handmade in Brooklyn and filled with confetti — there’s even a trap door where you can add candy or whatever party favors tickle your fancy.

Sure, this form of stress release is certainly going to cost you ($135 to be exact).

But it sure beats the repercussions of assault charges.

Available online at

Photo: Courtesy of Confettisystem