Think Small

Bigger isn’t always better, as evidenced by your trying to wedge that tubby SUV into a North End resident spot.

Swap the beast for a T-Pass and put your extra pennies to good use with Small Can Be Big.

The charitable website turns tiny donations ($1-$25) into big solutions for Boston families on the edge. Choose whom to help based on each one’s story, whether it’s battling cancer or escaping domestic violence. Every cent meets an immediate need, such as purchasing a wheelchair or keeping the heat on in subzero temps.

Nothing but time on your hands? Hook up with the street team by grabbing some friends and papering your hood with fliers. Or spread the word online: Your 973 FB “friends” love knowing what you’re up to at all times.

Because you’re kind of a big deal.

Available online at smallcanbebig.org. To join the street team, e-mail streetteam@smallcanbebig.org.