Dressed to Kill

Secret agent code name: Hard Candy
Mission status: Ultraclassified

At risk: Countless unsuspecting fashion victims.

Assignment: Alert your city to the daring existence of Birenzweig’s futuristic spring collection.

Fellow operatives: Former Israeli military comrades and current husband-and-wife duo Adi Birenzweig (Artistic Technician) and Ofir Turgman (Details Specialist).

Expert skills: The highly trained design team perfected its craft at Tel Aviv’s Shenkar School of Design and has been spotted importing fair-trade fabrics directly from Italy.

Plan of attack: Steal attention with the architecturally minded leather strap dress. Catch them off guard with a sharp pleated jacket. Then blow them away with a waist-cinching skirt embellished with metal string.

They’ll never see you coming.

Available at Suneri, 67 Holland Street, Davis Square, Somerville (617-440-3559 or suneriboutique.com). To see styles, go to milkandhoneyimports.com.

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67 Holland St
Somerville, MA 02144