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sassy sauces!

Police Officer: Ms. Locks, you’re making a habit of breaking and entering.

Goldie Locks: Yes, officer. But if you smelled the heavenly scent of Sassy Sauces, you would have busted in, too.

PO: Go on.

GL: I peeked in and saw all five dessert toppings on the table, warmed up and drizzled over ice cream, bananas, and cake. The next thing I knew, I was tasting the rich peanut butter fudge, then the velvety rum caramel, and finally the spicy dark chocolate. Since they’re all natural, gluten free, and have no chemicals, I didn’t stop.

PO: You stole those Sassy Sauces.

GL: They’re locally made in small artisanal batches. And since each jar is under $10, I can replace them.

PO: That sounds just right.

Available at Savenor’s Market, 160 Charles Street (617-723-6328); online at sassysauces.us.

Photo: Alexandra Restrepo / Courtesy of Sassy Sauces

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