A Raw Deal

You’re a gracious host and offer quite a spread for dining guests.

Like honey in your belly button, whipped cream on your decolletage, and chocolate sauce on, oh, everything.

Keep your skin ripe for the picking with Brad Duncan’s Superfood facial. Duncan customizes each treatment with products from The Body Deli, a new-to-Boston, raw foods-based, all-natural line that uses certified organic ingredients like yogurt, tofu, and kiwi.

Ours started with an almond milk cleanser, followed by a blueberry fusion scrub. After a peaches and cream masque came a cool, gooey manuka honey treatment. Every step contained naturally occurring amino acids, minerals, and enzymes.

Most products are so fresh they have to be refrigerated. Plus, the sweet smells will have you totally blissed out.

And back to being easy like sundae morning.

Available at Brad Duncan Skin Care, 530 Tremont Street (617-482-1700 or bradduncanskincare.com). For more information, go to thebodydeli.com.