Anatomically Correct

You usually take things lying down, but you’re open to standing up (or, you know, whatever).

A private sexuality workshop with Megan Andelloux may be just what you’re after. During the two-hour at-home group session with up to fifteen of your closest friends, the certified sexuality educator and sexologist will teach you all about the hooha, the wee-wee, and the various Big Os.

Far more clinical than dumb sex toy parties, the workshops aren’t for the faint of heart. She brings vulva puppets, genital models, and diagrams — and explains exactly what’s what. She’ll also advise on her favorite products so nobody gets left high and dry.

No topic is off limits, since Andelloux’s out to demystify the birds and the bees.

A missionary position, if you will.

Megan Andelloux (401-345-8685 or ohmegan.com).