Some Like It Not So Hot

Her loins dripped with sweat. His back sparkled with beads of perspiration. The heat between them was becoming unbearable. And finally, she screamed, “We need an AC!”

Just as the hot breath of summer readies to exhale on the Commonwealth, RentanAC arrives to save the day (or steamy night). Two Boston dudes just took over the three-year-old business (originally Metro Appliance Rental) and made it way cooler — focusing only on renting air conditioners to young city folk.

The company stocks hundreds of units from trusty brands like Maytag, Frigidaire, and GE, and the guys will help you pick the right one for your spot. The rental charge ($125-$299 for the season) includes drop-off, end-of-summer pickup, and installation by an insured professional.

And if your AC starts blowing hot air, they’ll repair or replace it right away.

Satisfaction finally guaranteed.

RentanAC (617-895-3760 or rentanac.com).