Party Foul

Alice sighed wearily. Her unbirthday party had left her with quite the mess. Again. (The Mad Hatter was such a lush).

Next time, she thought indignantly, she’d give her guests something to dab up spills as they go. Artgoodies tea towels would be the perfect (and perfectly sweet) solution.

Made from 100 percent cotton and totally machine washable, the towels would mop up disasters of any size. But Alice loved them for their bright, hand-printed linocut block images — like the kitchsy sailboat, extraordinary butterfly, and hot pink cupcake.

The cheery items came individually or in sets of three, making them perfect for the queen’s housewarming, padding the dormouse’s bed, or just about anyone’s birthday gift.

And useful the other 364 days a year.

Available at Oak, 245 Newbury Street (857-362-7311 or oakboston.com).