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Big Bird: Hey, did you hear?

Grover: About Cookie Monster? Yeah. Poor bastard.

BB: He was doing so great — stopped the cookies cold turkey — but he fell off the wagon. Hard. I wonder what happened?

G: Oh, you didn’t know? It was Lark Fine Foods. The little gourmet outfit up in Gloucester makes incredible salted rosemary shortbreads and sweet and savory olive wafers. Man, those thick, crumbly crackers are good.

BB: I don’t get it. Those aren’t cookies.

G: Yeah, but it’s the bakery’s spicy chocolate delights, ginger biscuits, and coconut and rum wafers that really shine. Cookie thought he could stick with savory treats and toe the line, but he’s just too weak. One look at the cake-like confections and he was sunk.

BB: (furtively) Can you tell me how to get, how to get these savory sweets?

Available at South End Formaggio, 268 Shawmut Avenue, South End (617-350-6996). For more information, go to larkfinefoods.com.

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