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Bait and Switch

You’ve always had the mouth (and taste buds) of a sailor.

Which is why Port Clyde Fresh Catch is effing perfect for you.

Based out of a 200-year-old little fishing village on the midcoast of Maine, the small group of fishermen set out during the week to reel in the freshest local seafood for land lovers. Their pull, which may include hake, sole, North Atlantic cod, monkfish, or halibut, can be cleaned, filleted, vacuum sealed, and shipped to you overnight.

We’re partial to sweet Maine shrimp, which arrive with a super-simple recipe. And none of this farm-raised nonsense: The bounty is wild caught and native to New England.

To stuff yourself to the gills, sign up for regular shipments, which will put fresh fish at your door for the rest of the summer.

No shit.

Available online at portclydefreshcatch.com. For more information on shipments, call 207-542-8852 or e-mail jessica@midcoastfishermen.org.