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You Could Be in Pictures

Nomar Garciaparra, Barney Frank, Violet Affleck. Aw, that’s what Boston calls a walk of fame.

Celebrities schmelebrities. Nick Varano’s Famous Deli put stars in our eyes.

The Strega and Nico owner’s shiny new North End spot is modeled after old-school New York sandwich shops (think heaping grinders and plates of pickles). Classic chrome decor puts the emphasis on the food, and a perfect patio lets Cross Street work its charm.

Massive sandwiches (hot pastrami, pulled pork, house-made roast beef) give nod to their celebrity inspiration: Old Blue Eyes (smoked turkey with Swiss and chipotle mayo) goes down as smooth as its namesake’s moves, while Lorraine Bracco (pressed Italian tuna melt) has just the kick you’d expect.

There’s an easy pick-up counter and delivery options throughout the city.

Once you have your people call their people.

Nick Varano’s Famous Deli, 66 Cross Street, North End (617-391-0050 or nicksfamousdeli.com).

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66 Cross St
Boston, MA 02113
617- 391-0050