Head Games

The last time you rocked headgear it came from your orthodontist and made you look like Hannibal Lecter.

Shelve the brace face trauma and dress up your noggin with a Fish & Archer headband.

The one-of-a-kind hippie halos (part Tinker Bell, part Penny Lane) are hand-woven from vintage silk, leather, satin, strands of crystal, and lace stained with organic teas and dyes.

Wear the decorative loops across your forehead (a la Woodstock), on the crown of your head (think barefoot bride), or behind your ears (classic Beacon Hill). Feeling creative? Wrap the bands around your wrist a couple times for a beachy, shipwrecked-but-chic look.

Got that straight?

Available at Dress, 221 Newbury Street (617-424-7125 or dressboston.com). To see styles, go to fishandarcher.com.

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70 Charles St S
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