A Slight Dusting

matte-finish manicure!

It was your moving portrayal of a humble cumulus cloud in a second grade play that taught you the power of subtlety.

Keep up your low-key, breezy vibe with a matte finish manicure from Claudia Vieira at SalonCapri. She’ll shape and buff your nails any way you like ’em (though she recommends short and square) before getting to work on your no-shine finish.

No base coat, no top coat. The muted and powdery result requires only two heavy-handed, briskly applied layers of a patented polish. If you just can’t stand missing out on the wet ’n’ wild look, Vieira will add a touch of sheer shine to the tip of each nail (French manicure style) to make your hands more eye-catching.

You attention whore.

Available at SalonCapri, 31 Lincoln Street, Newton Highlands (617-969-1970 or saloncapri.com).