Say You're Sari

You’ve Netflixed Slumdog Millionaire thirteen times, put on gold bangles and break out in spontaneous song, and still rock pashmina with pride. Hooray for Bollywood!

Add authenticity to your cultural love affair, jaan, with fabrics from Seema Krish Collection. Bombay-born, FIT-trained, and Boston-based, the artist mixes traditional Indian designs with totally contemporary aesthetics.

She uses a color palette of twelve bright hues (hot pink, bright green, gold) and does each design in a few color ways. We’re partial to Worli, a leafy pattern in bright orange silk thread.

She also does made-to-order textiles hand-woven and embroidered by artisans in southern India. They’d make stunning curtains, pillows, or throws.

And that’s the final answer.

Available by e-mail order (617-451-0231). Pillows and throws available at Lekker Unique Home Furnishings, 1317 Washington Street (617-542-6464 or lekkerhome.com). To see styles, go to seemakrish.com

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1313 Washington St
Boston, MA 02118