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minx manicure!

From the truth behind how your goldfish Spanky died to the whereabouts of those 9½ Weeks-style Polaroids, you know how to keep things under wraps.

Give your fingertips the same treatment with a Minx manicure. The overlays go on sticker style but adhere like a Nascar decal. Cloak your nails with funky designs like pink camo, cheetah print, or polka dots.

The super-easy process (it takes less than an hour and works for pedis, too) starts with a dry manicure (sorry, no lotiony massage) and a serious nail shaping and buffing to rid your beds of any ridges. Precut films are then gently heated before being laid on your tips. After your hands are warmed under a lamp for 30 seconds, the excess foil is filed off.

Your rad mani will last at least a week and comes off easily with a little heat from your own blow-dryer.

You’ll want to tell everyone.

Available at MiniLuxe, 296 Newbury Street, Back Bay (857-362-7444 or miniluxe.com). For more information, go to minxnails.com.

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296 Newbury St
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