Pure as Snow

The only porcelain you’ve got is a set of painfully attached veneers and your roommate’s collection of Marie Osmond dolls (look how cute the Baby Donny Tiny Tot is!).

When you’re ready for enamel you don’t want to keep under wraps, spring for Gleena’s porcelain tableware. The delicate cups, plates, and serving trays are handmade from alabaster clay and hand-glazed in mellow shades of green, yellow, and orange.

Vintage nature sketches are fired onto some pieces, adding a crisp visual to organic-looking vessels. But our favorites are wee tea cups (handleless mugs with the letter “T” stamped on the side) and dinner plates with swirls of blue.

Perhaps the best part is that everything is under $100.

Yeah, you’ll flash those pearly whites.

Available online at gleena.com.