Rays of Light

christine hamilton tesselights!

Your decor is a collage (at best) — Nana’s sofa, Ikea futon, bedside table (with water stains) left by previous tenants.

Add a piece that will make it all come together: Christine Price Hamilton’s Tesselights.

Named after a geometric term (the definition of which is way over our heads), the lanterns are made from pieces of super-thick and -smooth drawing paper cut with an X-Acto knife and hand-sewn into shapes. Each piece is strung together into a giant, cohesive (ahem), blossom-like sphere.

Lit with a single thirteen-watt fluorescent bulb, the light yellow and white orbs give off a mellow glow. Perfect for bedroom or dining room.

Right above the ping-pong table.

Available at Grand, 374 Somerville Avenue, Somerville (617-623-2429 or grandthestore.com). To see styles, go to christinepricehamilton.com.

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374 Somerville Ave
Somerville, MA 02143