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peace o' pie!

After last weekend’s sleepover (it was like being wrapped in a soggy sweater), you’re swearing off anything fleshy.

Just in time, Peace o’ Pie opens today in Allston. The spot’s new owners cleaned up the joint and set out to bring something new to Boston’s vegan scene — serving seriously delicious slices, calzones, salads, and homemade desserts without animal byproducts.

Sleek but simple decor (the counter’s made of recycled office paper) reflects the kitchen’s less-is-more approach. Gourmet ingredients are of the locally sourced, organic variety, and options include anything from gluten-free crusts to soy cheeses.

Try a pie loaded with tempeh, sun-dried tomatoes, sauteed spinach, and garlic, or the peanut butter maple sweet roll topped with dairy-free fudge frosting.

There’s room for only twenty, but delivery is coming soon.

So you won’t have to settle for any Tom, Dick, or dairy.

Peace o’ Pie, 487 Cambridge Street, Allston (617-787-9884).

Photo: Courtesy of Peace o’ Pie

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