Four Your Eyes Only

myvu glasses!

You’ve discussed everything from your mother’s goiter to the best method for safely getting into a headstand in yoga. But as much as you love chatting with your hairstylist, sometimes you want to put the convo on lockdown.

Slip on a pair of Myvu glasses at Mizu and shut your yapper without coming off as a frosty biatch.

The battery-operated shades have eye-size screens on each lens, putting TV shows, movies, music videos, whatever, literally in your face. Call ahead to find out what the salon has playing or plug in your own iPod. Then simply slip in the ear buds and get deep into that episode of The Office.

The glasses are really teeny and lightweight. Meaning you won’t look like a huge loser (or Nana after cataract surgery), and you can still sneak a peek at the mirror.

Just to see what you’re missing.

Available at Mizu, in the Mandarin Oriental, 776 Boylston Street (617-585-6498 or mizuboston.com); online at myvu.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Myvu

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776 Boylston St
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