Berry Good

the spaberry tub!
Photos: Courtesy of SpaBerry

Starfruit. Yogiberry. Kiwiberri. Berry Lover. SpaBerry.

It might sound like another Pinkberry knockoff, but SpaBerry is nothing of the sort.

It’s a new hot tub complete with jets, waterfall, and LED lights.

The at-home spa fits two peeps, has cup holders for bevvies, and works by simply plugging in to a 110-volt outlet. Plus it’s light enough for two people to carry, making it transportable (with the help of a coupla strong ladies or gents).

It comes in vibrant hues like red, blue, yellow — and the classics, white and gray. But if that’s not jazzy enough for your taste, get a skin (designs include blueberries, beach, lakeside, sunset, stone, beach, and tropical) to go around it.

And while 5,000 big ones isn’t cheap, it’s a small price to pay when you think about all the action that thing’ll get you.

How do you like them berries?

Available online at thespaberry.com.

Photo: Courtesy of SpaBerry