Say What?

high voltage cards!

You’re rarely at a loss for words.

Or lewd hand gestures, for that matter.

But when you really don’t know what to say, turn to High Voltage Cards. The new local company creates paper greetings that’ll do all the tough talking for you.

Splashed with original photography taken in Boston, London, and at raucous parties in the last 30 years, the totally unschmaltzy sayings include notes of congratulations for your buddy with the brand new boobs, post-vasectomy condolences, and the ever-poignant “stop stalking me.”

There are traditional, Hallmark-ish options, too (but seriously, what fun is that?).

And since each card is made from 50 percent recycled content, you can feel good about getting some things off your chest.

And acknowledging what’s on someone else’s.

Available online at highvoltagecards.com.

Photo: Courtesy of High Voltage Cards