How Do You Peel?

pumpkin enzyme peel!

All summer, your cheeks were rosier than a bowlful of cherries.

But now that it’s fall, you’re starting to worry about your gourd.

Gently uncover your onion skin’s next layer with Jacquelyn’s Waterfront Day Spa’s mildly mind-blowing new Pumpkin Enzyme Peel.

An ideal way to say goodbye to sunned-out skin, the process involves a tight hair wrap (no post-facial mussiness), cleanse, and spicy-smelling pumpkin enzyme mask. The tingling is intense but satisfying. As the concoction firms, you’ll be draped with a steaming hot towel, which loosens the mask (and the top crusty layer of your dermis) for sloughing off.

A toner rebalances your skin, and a collagen-based serum containing vitamins A, C, and E leaves it rosy and glowing. And since you’re in and out in twenty minutes, there’s no need for a full facial.

Squash the thought.

Available at Jacquelyn’s Waterfront Day Spa, 107 Atlantic Avenue, North End (617-367-1389 or jacspa.com).

Photo: Getty Images

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