Say You're Sari

jeanette farrier!

You get misty watching AT&T friends and family ads. You’re a secret softie.

Get your downy self out of the closet and snuggle up with a Jeanette Farrier blanket.

The light-as-air but quilty wraps are handmade in India from five vintage patterned saris layered together and tightly stitched with bright, multicolored thread. They’re completely unique, down to the little patches covering imperfections. Both sides of the coverlets are mismatched in, like, the best way.

And they may look feathery and delicate, but the kanthas (their proper name) are made from cotton and can be tossed in the washing machine. Use them to curl up on the couch or wipe away the stray Brothers and Sisters tear.

Such a crybaby.

Available at Joanne Rossman, 6 Birch Street, Roslindale (617-323-4301 or joannerossman.com). To see styles, go to jeanettefarrier.com.

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6 Birch St
Roslindale, MA 02131