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Why the Sour Face?

root cellar preserves!
Photos: Courtesy of Root Cellar Preserves

You’ve always had a thing for Peter Piper. How he worked that peck of pickled peppers.

For pickles that’ll give your pucker a serious smile, turn to Root Cellar Preserves.

The Wellesley-based company uses traditional brining methods (salt, vinegar, spices) in its gourmet recipes to preserve all-natural veggies the old-fashioned way.

Options like corn relish flavored with mustard, harvest medley ratatouille with roasted veggies and a spicy kick, and corn and bean salsa are more than just sandwich sidekicks.

If you’d rather stick with cured cukes, they do apple-cinnamon, sweet and spicy, and bread and butter chips.

A favorite of that chick who sells seashells by the seashore.

Available at Formaggio Kitchen, 244 Huron Avenue, Cambridge (617-354-4750 or formaggiokitchen.com); online at rootcellarpreserves.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Root Cellar Preserves

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