Mother's Little Helper

personal concierge!

The last time you actually had lunch during your lunch hour, you were in the fourth grade. These days, it’s inhaling a bag of Cheetos en route from the dry cleaner to the post office.

Anne Stericker of Living Well Boston can get your life back on track. The personal concierge will do anything (as long as it’s legal, obviously) to make your life easier.

Each day, the Mary Poppins of errands posts which hood (Boston, Brookline, Cambridge) she’ll be hitting. Starting at $30 an hour, she’ll take on your to-do list — whether that means returning impulse buys or grabbing a single turnip from Whole Foods.

If you’re really in a jam (Puppy hasn’t been walked in, um, days and the cable man is coming), just leave Stericker instructions and the key to your pad.

You, friend, should book an appointment with the nutritionist.

Living Well Boston (617-642-1169 or livingwellboston.com).

Photo: Getty Images