That's a Wrap

dedem scarves!

No one wants to be told one’s gone soft — in the mind, middle, or pantaloons.

You can stay tough but get a little cushy with a Dedem scarf.

The gauzy Parisian imports are handwoven from 100 percent hand-spun cashmere threads (there’s a cashmere/silk combo, too). Just think: all that feathery goodness against your tough mug.

Each piece is batik dyed with skinny stripes, pretty petals, and abstract prints using water-based inks. The scarves are extra long, which makes them perfect for wrapping (a lot). The jewel-toned beauties are one of a kind and even individually numbered. So no one will have one just like yours.

You lucky stiff.

Available at LuxCouture, 21 Lincoln Street, Newton Highlands (617-969-5600 or luxcouture.com). For more information, go to dedem.fr.

Photo: Courtesy of Dedem

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