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What the Gizzard?

thanksgiving dinner!

Your contribution to last year’s Thanksgiving dinner was a box of Stove Top that looked (and tasted) like raw cement.

Not this year, little pilgrim. Raise the stakes (and get it right) with a private Thanksgiving cooking class from Terence Janericco.

The chef/caterer/teacher has the patience of a preschool teacher and can do everything from crispy lattice atop a blueberry pie to wheat-free stuffing to turkey the way Grammy used to make it. Janericco does all the shopping and planning. You just invite a few friends (if you feel like sharing the knowledge).

Feeling ambitious? He’ll help you master an entire menu — giblets to gingerbread.

Just think outside of the box.

Terence Janericco Cooking Classes, 42 Fayette Street, Downtown (617-426-7458 or

Photo: Courtesy of Jupiter Images

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Terence Janericco Cooking Classes
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