Oil Be Waiting


Despite countless karaoke attempts at “I Will Always Love You,” you can never hit the right note. (WTF is with that song?)

For a set of notes (base, middle, and the elusive top) that always work, have the wizards at Essence blend you a custom perfume.

At the fragrance bar, head perfumer Jullian Coleman will tinker and toil with more than 300 essential oils. Drop by drop, Coleman will add scents (fig, tea rose, French blueberry, Egyptian sandalwood) to a house-blended base of choice (white tea, china musk), tweaking your eau de toi to your delight.

Since oils are super concentrated and alcohol free, a little drop’ll do ya the whole day. For the mathematically impaired, that means a one-ounce supply will last up to three years.

You’ll always love it.

Essence, 251 Newbury Street, Back Bay (617-266-1987 or essenceboston.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Essence

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251 Newbury St
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