No Place Like Home

erin heath design!

While doing your biannual cleaning, you found (in the darkest corner) a vial of glitter (make that a vile), eleven socks (not a single pair), and a martini glass-turned-mossy topiary complete with what you can only assume is a petrified olive (you can’t even comment).

Time to turn that dumping ground into something special.

Let Somerville artist Erin Heath create a custom art installation in your pad. And before you start picturing a sterile and unlivable gallery, know that Heath has a totally organic, comfortable style — for a home that’s actually lived in.

The trained sculptor can make anything to fit your space and artistic flare: a mixed-media mural, a wall hanging from cardboard and hundreds of teeny nail heads, a chandelier of champagne bottles.

She’s all about incorporating found objects from around your house.

Even socks.

Erin Heath Design (erin.a.heath@gmail.com or erinheathdesign.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Erin Heath Design