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Toeing the Wine

charlton orchards wine csa!

Your wine selection process is pretty straightforward (and kind of depressing): magnums that are no more than $12.99. Done.

Keep decision making simple (and way less pathetic) by joining the Charlton Orchards wine CSA.

The 104-acre fruit and veggie farm in Charlton, Massachusetts, is also home to the Obadiah McIntyre Farm Winery. The fertile spot grows chambourcin, vidal, and chardonnay grapes (and ships in merlot, cab, and riesling varieties from western NY).

Join the CSA and you’ll get a vintage every month (or quarterly, if you’d rather). Just designate the varieties you’re after and decide on a full or half share (for the twelve-month membership).

The musky reds and crisp whites are perfect for swirling and sipping (or chugging?). Each is pressed, fermented, and bottled on the family farm.

So they can afford to be choosey.

Available online at charltonorchard.com.

Photo: Tobias Toft / Flickr