Dab of This, Dash of That


Preparation H to zap under-eye bags, Vaseline for a shiny grin, Aqua Net to secure flyaways.

Lady, did you get your at-home beauty regime from Nana’s medicine cabinet?

Get a serious upgrade at the new BeautyLab in LuxLash.

The folks who keep your peepers feathery and those Groucho brows in check now have experts on hand to tend to your hair, skin, even nutritional needs.

Edward Morgan is the L.A.-based stylist who flies into Beantown one week a month to snip, shape, and Balayage your locks into gorgeous submission. Or get a natural-looking glow with a hand-applied Sola Body tan. There’s also Fajian Organic’s line of hand treatments. If you’re looking to work on your inner self, have a consultation with Dr. Jennifer Behrman about beauty-infused hormone therapies.

Looking good is not just a hot flash in the pan.

BeautyLab, inside LuxLash, 232 Newbury Street, Back Bay (617-587-5274).

Photo: Courtesy of LuxLash

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232 Newbury St
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