Take Me Away

laura finnerty design!

You’re lying on a pristine white-sand beach …

Bus screeches to a halt outside apartment window.

… lulled by the sound of gently lapping waves …

Police siren wails.

… and the sweet smell of gardenia.

Yelling, cursing, and more police sirens.

For an at-home escape that really does the trick, indulge in a limited-edition giclée print by Laura Finnerty.

The BU-trained artist and part-time Charlestown resident creates light, cheer-inducing images — from sand dollars to hibiscuses to our favorite, fluffy dandelions. Finnerty designs original graphic digital images on acid-free alabaster parchment, which sucks up bold colors for a seriously saturated look. Prints are then signed and numbered for an extra-special touch.

If size matters, she has small drink coasters and will create large-scale prints.

Giving you something to meditate on.

Available online at laurafinnerty.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Laura Finnerty