All in the Family

maison 24!

You grew up in a house dominated by curio cabinets, lace curtains, and wicked-nice wallpapah.


That wasn’t quite the case for Louis Marra and Allison Julius, whose artsy family lived in an English Tudor decked in mod Lucite furniture and groovy shag carpeting. Drawing from their design-conscious childhood, the brother-and-sister act opened Maison 24, a Hamptons-based home store and website.

They’ve assembled an impressive selection: Regency-style furniture, stitched Francoise Paviot place mats, and lighting fixtures from Design House Stockholm. Not to mention throwback wares like a phone in the shape of red lips and framed neon art.

When you finish redecorating, your place will look nothing like your childhood home.

Which is probably a good thing.

Available online at maison24.com.