If These Walls Could Talk

eye buy art!

Wall 1: Why the blank stare?

Wall 2: I can’t help it. I’m so empty and boring.

W1: You really put the dry in drywall.

W2: I’m tired of brushing this issue under the carpet. What can I do about it?

W1: You can go to an awesome new website called Eye Buy Art and fill your emptiness with photographs from up-and-coming American, Canadian, and British talents. You’ll find everything from surreal urban jungle scenery to raw head shots. Discerning critics curated the collection, ensuring it’s all quality stuff.

W2: Sounds pricey.

W1: Nah. You’ll be floored to hear that limited-edition, signed prints start at 25 bucks.

W2: There’s no end to the possibilities.

W1: The ceiling’s the limit. As usual.

Available online at

Photo: Courtesy of Eye Buy Art