Through the Looking Glass

Photos: Courtesy of Lítill

Heaters hiss, are you listening,
Right outside, snow is glistening.
No greenery in sight,
We’re in for the night,
Avoiding that damn winter wonderland.

Gone away is the sunshine,
Here to stay is a new line.
Succulents, sand, and stone,
Within glass vessels hand blown,
Make for mini indoor wonderlands.

In the morning, we’ll e-mail Lauren Coleman,
Who crafts terrariums both sleek and round.
She’ll ask: Are you plant savvy?
We’ll say: no ma’am,
But you can ship the parts
From out of town.

Via custom steps, we’ll conspire,
Recreating Icelandic designs to admire.
And face unafraid,
The badass houses we’ve made,
Flaunting our new Lítill wonderlands.

Available online at litill.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Lítill


You’ve gotta see it to believe it. We’ve got a whole slide show of gorgeous plant porn from Lítill.