Mom Lit That Hits Home

new books for moms!

Whether you’re a SAHM or a mom who drives to her job uphill in the snow (both ways), you’ve got your work cut out for you.

So when it comes to reading, you need digestible bits you can process before conking out. The latest mom lit (part self-help, part personal essay, part sketch comedy) gives on-point advice, tips, and giggles.

When Did I Get Like This?, by Amy Wilson
A collection of humorous and insightful essays that chronicle Wilson’s daily struggles with motherhood, self-doubt, and guilt. Moms who feel like they’re “walking the edge of wackadoo” will appreciate her honesty and wish that they could join her playgroup.

Momover, by Dana Wood
Former beauty director of W and Cookie magazines makes sense of the physical and mental chaos of new momdom. Don’t be put off by the jacket’s promise to “bring out your inner momshell”; Wood shares insider tidbits only a beauty journalist could like the best bust-firming creams and why to choose blush over concealer.

Balance Is a Crock, Sleep Is for the Weak, by Amy Eschliman and Leigh Oshirak
Amen, sisters. The truth-invoking title is just the first thing you’ll love about this book. Billed as a guide for working moms, it is filled with strategies and stories that will lighten every mom’s load — and mood.

this week in boston!

A Visit with Paul Revere

What: Get to know the patriot as he shares tales about silversmithing and his brood, then ask him questions about his illustrious life.
Why: It’s the 235th anniversary of his midnight ride.
When: Sun., 1, 1:45 & 2:30 p.m.
Where: The Paul Revere House, 19 North Square (617-523-2338).

Olivia’s Organics Look-a-Like Contest
What: Kiddos can don pigtails and red dresses, then submit photos to see who looks most like the freckled cutie.
Why: A chance to win $1,000.
When: Thru Apr. 30.
Where: Online at oliviasorganics.org.

Peter Rabbit Story Hour

What: Settle in for a few stories, crafts, and healthy snacks.
Why: A special costumed appearance by the bunny of the hour.
When: Sat., 11 a.m.
Where: The Harvard Coop, 1400 Massachusetts Ave., Harvard Square (617-499-2000).

Photo: Betsssssy / Flickr

The Paul Revere House
19 N Square
Boston, MA 02113
The Harvard Coop
1400 Massachusetts Ave
in Harvard Square
Cambridge, MA 02138