Abodeon's Midcentury Masterworks

5 picks for mod mavens!

Swear to Eames, we’ve never not bought at least one stocking stuffer at the undersung Cambridge shop, a bastion of midcentury-inspired home decor and accessories. Prepare yourself for the most obsolete of holiday occurrences: genuine gratitude.

Fish Hotel, $27
Nephew Ned is desperate for a goldfish, but your minimalist sis cherishes her schlock-free pad. The white plastic tank resembles a Frank Lloyd Wright split-level ranch, complete with plate glass windows for optimum aquatic gazing. And when Goldie meets his inevitable demise, the hotel can be converted into a sleek planter.

1966 Chess Set, $65
Sophomore year was a date-free nerd fest of cheap pinot and late-night checkmates — and, frankly, it rocked. Thank your former suite mate for the royal memories with uber-spare wooden chessmen, originally created by modernist Lanier Graham some 40 years ago and designed to reflect their board capabilities (e.g., the L-shaped knight).

Ice Orb, $16
The party invites are stacked three apples high, which means your hostess-gift angst is through the roof. A vertical cube tray — the world’s first, we’re told — doubles as a chill bucket and guarantees the two staples of a successful shindig (cold booze and ice) keep flowing through the break of day.

Reindeer Antler Bottle Opener, $28
Luddite Uncle Lennie went completely off the grid five years ago, resurfacing only for birthdays and major holidays. Honor his rustic existence with the rough-hewn utilitarian piece, fashioned from naturally shed antler pieces sourced by the indigenous Sami people in Northern Finland.

Buckyballs, $30
If your cubicle mate doesn’t stop tapping her fingernails against the shared desk surface, you might put a paperweight through her monitor. Give her digits a distraction with an all-ages toy made up of 216 powerful magnetic orbs that can be reconfigured into endless shapes and designs.

Abodeon, 1731 Massachusetts Avenue, between Harvard and Porter Squares (617-497-0137 or abodeon.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Abodeon 

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