Grand's Small Wonders

bear rug coasters!

Grand things come in small packages — Jon O’Toole and Wendy Friedman make sure of it. The co-owners of Union Square’s fun-as-fruitcake home store stock chromatic, clever indie designs that are kind to the wallet. 

Bear Rug Coasters, $15 for a set of four
Dad’s subterranean man den is nearly complete. Protect his high-gloss mahogany bar from tall boy stains with silicone discs cheekily fashioned to look like grizzly pelts.

Funtote Paperclip Coin Pouch, $10
Your bestie jingles all the way to Wash ’n’ Wear thanks to those loose quarters. Censor the racket with a small canvas holdall that also has a stash-away for house keys.

Monkey Over-the-Door Hook, $8
New motherhood has thrown your cousin for such a sleep-deprived loop, she’s taken to storing burp cloths in the fridge. Clean up her act with nursery-friendly pegs that take a nanosecond to install.

Best Years Wine Stopper, $12
The ’rents struggle to finish a full bottle of merlot. Help their vino live to another date night with one of twelve animal plugs inspired by the Chinese zodiac. (Brownie points for choosing the sign of their wedding year.)

Hoopla Whale vs. Fish Mittens, $28
Uncle Jerry is the master of mismatched winter wear. Play to his absentminded fashion sense with complementary predator-prey hand warmers, knitted from sustainable Australian wool.

Grand, 374 Somerville Ave., Union Square (617-623-2429 or grandthestore.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Grand

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