Easeamine Skin Care to Soothe Winter Dryness

A Healing Beauty Regimen

easeamine skin care collection!

You’ve always been a little flaky — witness today’s 9:22 a.m. staff meeting arrival — but, lately, your skin has gotten downright reptilian.

Before slithering under a rock, look to Easeamine. The new skin care line conceived by a UMass Medical School physicist blasts winter dryness, thanks to the glories of adenosine — a naturally occurring body compound that penetrates deeper into the epidermis to heal your hide.

The entire regimen consists of a handful of basic, potent products (cleanser, toner, day and night moisturizers, and eye cream), so there’s no which-step-comes-next confusion. The toner alone can be used as a quick après-ski (or après-eight martinis) pick-me-up. We’re also blown away by the gel cleanser, which simultaneously blasts scuz and soothes.

And lest you’re suffering from product saturation, all proceeds go to the Teresian Carmelites, devoted to serving the underprivileged.

Available online at easeamine.com, $26-$298.

Photo: John Campos / Courtesy of Easeamine