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Matthias Goldwald's Custom Upholstery

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Great-Auntie May was a doll to bequeath you her antique couch. Too bad her fleabag of a cat clawed the fabric to smithereens (see you in hell, Taffy).

Ask Matthias Gottwald, MPG Home Design’s in-house upholsterer, to breathe new life into the decrepit davenport.

Drawing from his German lineage (both his father and uncle were masters of the craft) and twenty years of experience, Gottwald will diagnose and resuscitate based on your budget and decor needs.

The furniture pro pulls from a giant stock of prismatic, globally sourced fabrics, uses buckwheat and organic fill, and may incorporate button detailing and wood-trim restoration to execute his vision.

Custom work costs $200-$1,000, and orders are ready within five weeks. Pickup and delivery is free. You’ll even receive photos documenting the evolution of your trash to treasure.

Sure beats starting from scratch.

MPG Home Design, 192c State Street, Newburyport (978-462-7500 or mpghomedesign.com).

Photos: Courtesy of MPG Home Design

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