Let the Music Play on Playbutton Album Badges

A Fine-Tuned Accessory Indeed

bubbles playbutton!

Sometimes all you need to get the conversation going is a piece of flair.

More noticeable than a hat tack and less risky than a pair of leather chaps is Playbutton: the album in a pin.

Each new button badge comes fully loaded with music. To listen, plug in a pair of earbuds and hit play, then pause, skip, or jam out as you see fit.

For now, tune into the debut of Bubbles, a synth-pop duo from New York City; the rerelease of Mount Eerie’s black metal-inspired Wind’s Poem; and Opening Ceremony’s Love Songs, a mix of new, previously unreleased, and exclusive tracks from the likes of Vampire Weekend and Coconut Records.

The artwork emblazoned on each piece will help strangers — the type whose inquisitiveness is never deterred by headphones — answer the inevitable “What are you listening to?” on their own.

Though they’re bound to have a slew of other questions.

Available online at openingceremony.us or newmuseum.org, $25. For more information, go to playbutton.co.

Photo: Courtesy of the New Museum