Stoneburner Bookbinding's Intricate Cover-Ups

Custom Journals and Sketchpads

stoneburner book binding!

The new bifocaled office accountant? Secret dominatrix. Your hoodied neighbor with the flip-flop fetish? Facebook billionaire.

You love playing detective. But when it comes to exquisitely wrapped journals from Stoneburner Bookbinding, you can go ahead and judge a book by its cover.

Preservation librarian by day, Lacy Crews Stoneburner scours book sales for off-kilter periodicals (her favorites: anachronistic science publications and throwback children’s books). She then fashions covers from the already used materials or retro designs and fills them with pages of locally sourced stock.

She can add a particular background color or pattern to existing inventory by request or use a customer’s own venerable cloth. In the works are embellished CD cases and photo albums, as well as jacket designs produced by local indie artists.

For beauty that’s skin deep.

Available online at etsy.com, $4-$50.

Photo: Lara Kimmerer / Courtesy of Stoneburner Bookbinding