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sabatino&co olive oil!


To: Future in-laws, neighbors
Re: Kitchen-buying habits

We’ve noticed a recent decline in the quality of product being purchased for the pantry: nonvirgin olive oil, supermarket grape jelly, drugstore spices.

Effective Thursday, we propose a weekly visit to gourmet provisions shop Sabatino&Co.

The family-owned Italian outfit deals in the fairest of foodstuffs: flavored EVOOs (saffron, rosemary); exotic sea salts; and delicate tapenades, preserves, and pasta sauces. The store stocks a wide array of exotic fungi victuals (asparagus and truffle spread, summer truffle carpaccio).

Nonedibles also delight: Skin care includes organic orange and olive shower gel and soap of prickly pear extract. We suggest one of the soy aromatherapy candles, as we have heard complaints regarding a pervading cat litter odor.

The Sabatinos chose our fair community for their first retail outpost, so please resist exploiting their generosity (free samples and complimentary espresso).

Your usual decorum is appreciated.

Sabatino&Co, 130 Newbury Street, Back Bay (617-236-7111 or sabatinoandco.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Sabatino&Co

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